The LYNX Trading Platform

The platform “Trader WorkStation” has been used for over 40 years by market makers, asset managers and hedge funds. During this period the platform build up a solid track record for reliable and efficient management.


Our software gives you access to more than 100 exchanges. You also have the possibility to use over 60 different order types.

Trade with order types such as the limit order, stop limit order and market order. If you prefer more advanced orders, there are many other options like the algo order or iceberg order.

Advanced Trading Platform

Get access to more than 100 order types, API connections, SMART routing and various professional Trader Tools.


If you want to place a big order, LYNX order algorithms are a perfect solution. Use several order parameters to minimize the impact on the market. Randomize these parameters so you are not spotted by other professionals.

Iceberg order

For larger orders you can use an Iceberg order. Only a fraction of your order will be shown in the orderbook. Specify the quantity you want to show when creating the order.

Hidden order

To prevent investors from seeing your order in the orderbook, use the hidden order. The order will not be visible and your anonimity maintains.


Use our Application Program Interface (API) to build your own automated trading strategy in the programming language and protocol of your choice.

SMART routing

With SMART-routing, your order will always be executed for the best price available. With LYNX you can use SMART-routing on all global exchanges.

Trader Tools

In our trading platform you find several tools to optimize your trading strategy. Trade directly in the book or chart, create your own option combinations with the Combo Trader, or use the Option Trader to see all series and Greeks in a single overview.

Analytical Tools

Any significant trend or pricing level can be recognized at a glance with our analytical tools. It’s always possible to analyze the total risk of your portfolio. Fixed size, stops or targets? The LYNX Trading Platform helps you to automate these settings.

Some important features:

  • Over 100 technical indicators
  • Analyze your exposure to the Greeks
  • Add personal support and resistance levels
  • Retrieval of historical price movements and Time & Sales
  • Place orders directly in graphs