LYNX Professional Services

Prime Brokerage

  • Professional and reliable trading software
  • Personal fee schedule
  • Global access

Professional and reliable trading software

LYNX provides a customized version of TWS, the award winning trading platform of Interactive Brokers. This system is superior in terms of execution and latency compared to all other systems. Over the past few years, TWS never endured downtime. This makes the platform very reliable. The software includes a variety of trading tools and features for every type of investor, including:

  • Over 60 ordertypes
  • API-connection
  • Trading tools & Smart Routing



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Lower fees and higher returns

LYNX offers lower trading fees compared to other brokers. We do not charge fees for using software, reporting or any other tool. In addition, funds are not required to generate a minimum amount in revenue in order to open a LYNX account.

Global access

Access to 100+ exchanges

With LYNX you’re able to buy and sell stocks, options, futures, forex and other products on more than 100 exchanges in Europe, America and Asia.

Click here for an overview of all the available markets.

Increase your return: Stock Yield Enhancement Program

Funds are able to generate additional revenue by participating in the Stock Yield Enhancement Program. With this program, you allow your stock position to be lend out to short sellers. As a result, you receive interest from the borrower. This is an unique setup, since brokers usually keep the entire interest amount.