The LYNX Trading Platform

The platform ‘Trader WorkStation’ has been used for more than 40 years by hedge funds, asset managers and other professional investors. During this period the platform build up a solid track record for reliable and efficient management.


Collective and Individual

Our system allows you to create ‘allocation groups’. This way you can easily create and submit orders for an entire group. It is also possible to place orders on an individual level. The usage of additional software becomes unnecessary.

Model participations

The model portfolio tool is the perfect solution when using different risk profiles or mandates for your clients. You’re able to create various model portfolios and investment strategies. Your clients can participate in a model with just one simple click.

Automatic rebalancing

As time evolves, your client’s portfolio might differ from your desired portfolio weights. Our rebalancing tool indicates if your clients are still in sync with your strategy. If you deem it necessary, you can easily rebalance their portfolios.